Fitting concepts – made by experience


Every partner of Mayflower Concepts not only knows the challenges occurring in workaday life of marketing managers of larger brands and international companies - we all have experienced them! How to steer projects to a successful end is one side of the medal. The many obstacles in company organisations, that can kill projects and processes on its way to success is another – we see both. Our partners have been in leading and responsible positions in national and international businesses. In company structures and large scale organisations we feel like home, knowing all their strengths and weaknesses.

This is the source of our consulting work we do for agencies and brands. We act as sparring partners in the preparation, planning and implementation of marketing concepts as well as communication campaigns. In close co-operation with our clients we support them to optimize their marketing processes, marketing logistics and marketing organisations.

With all their knowledge and experience Mayflower’s partners contribute to provide consulting, that does not miss any aspect of marketing.


Restless. The visionary quest.

Heino Hilbig.


Heino Hilbig is the ever restless driving force behind Mayflower Concepts. Based on an outstanding career, he built up his experiences in very different areas, that culminates in 25 years in leading positions in the FMCG industry. As one of the first marketing managers Heino Hilbig has established virtual teams to work on ideas or to solve problems. Developing new and efficient marketing processes and structures to drive an organisation to a greater success - that is what makes him tick. The spectrum of projects he run within his career spans from campaign management to large-scale events and even marketing logistic processes. With success!

Heino is a strategic thinker with no sympathy for naked theories: A successful implementation or a concept that proofs to work is what he wants to see at the end of each project.

This mixture has let him become a sought-after speaker and book author as well.

Networked. Persistently curious. 

Dominic Papenheim. 

Dominic Papenheim is driven by curiosity: curiosity about customers as well as new technologies - bringing them both together successfully is his passion. As a very sales-oriented manager; he has built, managed, and continually improved international sales organizations. In addition to operating successfully in European markets, he has had extensive experience of conducting business in the Middle East, Africa and the former CIS states markets. For our expanding customers, Dominic Papenheim has developed the concept, Sales as a Service. In our projects, he pays special attention to the close integration of sales plans with marketing programs.

Solution-oriented. The B2B-expert.

Georg Kühling.

Georg Kühling is our ace when it comes to B2B markets. He is committed to strategic concepts that work under the particular conditions when the customers themselves are companies. He breaks the boundaries of classic marketing by incorporating sales concepts or product development into the strategies. His  way to work is perfectly matching complex and severe company environments and ensures to find solutions, which can be agreed by nearly everyone.  In addition to strategic and sales consulting, facilitating workshops and decision-making processes is therefore his particular strength.

Creative. Focused on details.

Nina Claussen.


Nina Claussen is a creative designer who does not stop questioning and seeking for a better, more efficient and more beautiful solution. Beside her education as a media specialist she already has a long experience in marketing and visual communication. Especially, she is familiar with the special needs of non-profit organsisations. Additionally, while caring for several larger projects in the business area around Hamburg Nina has worked with a number of different companies as well as various key people from business and politics.


Nina is our creative power and our key controller when it is important to have a close and critical look on details and perfect implementation.


Analytic. Focused on efficient solutions.

Mathias Finck.


Mathias Finck cannot be impressed by phrases. The experienced Customer Service & Marketing Manager strictly focusses on the customer's needs. His profession is meticulous analysis, efficient concepts and affordable solutions. Mathias Finck is developing, structuring and optimizing processes with the goal to make it leaner and more effective. Whether CRM in the fields of B2B or B2C, whether localization processes or product embedded communication, Mathias Finck always takes the most practical, most cost-effective approach.

Mathias Finck is an efficient and practical analyst, to whom only the result counts: the reliable functioning and affordable solution, tailored to the needs of the customer.