Future management for small and medium-sized enterprises

The four important steps in preparation

Autonomous driving, e-mobility, Order&Pick sales, voice-activated work – the list of the things that will drastically change our professional world, our society and our buying habits over the coming years is long. These changes will alter business models and customer demands more radically than many today imagine – and they are happening faster than most company managers expect: For example, already in 2025, battery-operated, autonomic vehicles will define our street scene. With implications for insurance, road construction, the taxi industry, the property market etc.

Begin your future management now:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Aleksej Andreevic Arakceev (1769 – 1834)

The first step is the most important: Plan your future!

You really can prepare for the future. We will show you how:

Arousing curiosity

Create curiosity and awareness with a future-keynote. Inspire your sector or your business with a lecture that makes clear the necessity of actively dealing with the future – entertaining, serious, motivational.


Analysing the future

Begin the process of preparing for the future with a workshop. In our two-day innovation workshop you will develop your own outlook on the future of your sector and review your strategies in a business wargame.


Planning strategies

Implement a long-lasting future strategy. The future changes every day. Therefore, static strategies are as ineffectual as they are dangerous. With our future management we will work out your strategy with you.

Strategy development

Keeping an eye on the future

We develop your individual process, in order to permanently keep an eye on future changes – with an expenditure that is sensible and affordable for medium-sized enterprises.

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