The future is coming. Faster than you may think.

What is your strategy?


The bad news first: The future of your market will change so much that you will no longer be successful using the previously existing methods. Businesses that face changes to the market by using old methods—no matter how successful these were in the past – usually fail.


The future: More than just new products    

The first impulse when the market changes is often to want to adapt products and services.  This, however, is usually not sufficient to save your own business. For behind a change in the market is first and foremost a change in customer expectations. Therefore, your plan must deal with all aspects of change.


Don't leave your future solely to your marketing:

Market success is always a result of the right supply in the right distribution channels with the right price and the right marketing. Why then should customer movements only take place on the product level?

It is therefore important to always understand future strategies as a project of the entire enterprise.


Don't let yourself be surprised

Many companies begin preparations for changes in the market when it is already too late; when these changes are already impacting the current business situation.

It would be better to take up this matter regularly by means of an established process. Only in that way will you have a chance to recognise early signs of your market changing.

We will help you look to the future and create a process that is realistically realisable even for medium-sized enterprises. If you want to learn more about how we work, we recommend the latest book by Heino Hilbig ("Future Management for small and medium sized enterprises - What you should do and what you should rather not do in order to still be in business tomorrow!", to be published in November 2017 by SpringerGabler)


1 The analysis

Depending on the task at hand, we research market data or even your internal data and establish a sound external view. Where are the chances and the risks in your market? A welcome side effect:  Already the first steps to immediate growth can often be inferred from the findings.


2 The Workshop

The two most important elements of the workshop are a business wargame and the development of future scenarios specially tailored to your market.

The scenarios describe a series of possible future developments, and in this way – almost like the corner flags on a football pitch – lay the ground on which the future of your sector may move. In addition to future prognoses, scenarios also describe a 'probable field' and are therefore a good deal more suitable for the development of strategies.

In the wargame, a reaction test takes place. In that way, you determine how your stakeholders – that is, customers, competitors or public organisations – are likely to react to your strategy, and you can then refine or adapt your strategy. A wargame can therefore also be applied outside of the future management process to the examination of existing strategies.

3 Strategy development & Observation deck

After the workshop you have all the tools you need in order to establish your future strategy, as well as a concrete catalogue of measures to take in the areas of marketing, organisation and sales. With our strategy development we will actively support you.

In addition, you should employ the knowledge you have gained to implement your future management as a regular process. We call this the observation deck; for the future changes every day, and you need a vantage point from which you can perceive all the changes as fast as possible.

How does that work? Ask us!